Agents of Change: Kawa Women’s Savings Club

Kawa womensIn this regular section we will present case studies and stories from the people making change and influencing sanitation marketing in their communities.

Makira, Solomon Islands

Since 2009 Live & Learn have been working in partnership with IWDA on another DFAT funded project in the Solomon Islands, titled “Tugeda Tude for Tumoro” (TTFT) which focuses on gender, sustainable livelihoods and natural resource management. The program works in 5 provinces with 50 local communities from heavily logged areas on practicing inclusive natural resource management through women’s savings clubs. Sanitation was identified as an important area to address to achieve the goals of the program.

The Kawa Women’s Savings Club was established by the TTFT Project and began their work in cocoa processing as a livelihoods skill that taught women to earn a sustainable income for the savings club, as well as building the economy of the community through the sale of cocoa beans, thus reducing reliance on income from logging. The women gained skills in the construction of sanitation facilities as part of Live & Learn’s previous CS-WASH Fund project, and decided to apply these skills to sanitation marketing as another way of raising income as well as providing a valuable service to their community. Demand has been low recently due to different priorities for savings investments but the ladies of the Kawa Women’s Savings Clubs remain skilled and ready to build toilets for anyone in their village as soon as funds are available.

The best thing about it is that the women are ever ready should anyone pay for the product – they will do it right on the spot.

– Sustainable Livelihoods Officer, Live & Learn Solomon Islands

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