Floating Coconuts in Vanuatu

floating coconut_front

Using a ‘floating coconut’ tool kit created by IWDA, the team at Live & Learn Vanuatu have been working with Imaio Village in the Whitesands area of Neprainetata to highlight the significance of women’s contribution to society and the economy. This activity contributes to community engagement and market research for the WPSMIP Project.

As the coconut floats, only the top quarter is visible above the water. This represents the formal economy where people earn income from paid employment. The bottom three quarters of the coconut sits below the surface and represents theinformal economy, where men, women, children and persons with a disability provide unpaid services to the community.

The use of this tool has enabled men to understand the hard work that women undertake to ensure that their families and communities flourished. Whereas traditionally there was a perception of women’s roles and unpaid work as non-essential, it came to be seen as an important element of good community living.

“What surprised me was the interest that men showed in Imaio after the tool kit exercise was over. The conversations continued into the night when men were drinking kava and into the next day.”

Andrina Thomas, Country Manager, Live & Learn Vanuatu

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