Introducing ‘The Business’ and WPSMIP

Welcome to ‘The Business’, which will follow and share with you exciting developments in the world of sanitation marketing for the Pacific and beyond.
WASH Live & Learn
In particular we will bring you knowledge and learning from the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation Program (WPSMIP) of Live & Learn International, in partnership with the International Water Centre (IWC), and International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA), and supported by Australian Aid’s CS-WASH Fund.  We’ll also showcase outcomes from the IWC, Monash University and Live & Learn research project Understanding Demand and Fostering Sustainable WASH marketplaces in the Pacific.

We hope to capture the knowledge and experiences of our work in communities, with enterprises and a range of agents of change, and build the knowledge base leading to improved practices and outcomes in sanitation and hygiene in the Pacific.  Input and discussion from interested parties is much appreciated!
The WPSMIP program will be implemented in urban and peri-urban informal settlements in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu where current environmental health conditions are poor. The aim of the program is to improve sanitation and hygiene access and behaviours by improving supply chains and demand for sanitation and hygiene, and creating supportive environments in communities that enable behaviour change to occur. This sanitation marketing approach involves working with local enterprises and change agents to develop and implement sustainable models that will continue to operate and be extended after the life of this program.  Furthermore, by fostering sanitation markets and demonstrating successful approaches in these strategic locations, we hope to encourage expansion of successful models into other communities and countries in the region.
The WPSMIP also incorporates a complementary approach to sanitation and hygiene for schools, with emphasis on development of sustainable governance and financing models for construction, operation, and maintenance, to overcome the shortages and typically poor quality of school facilities.
Through this site we will bring you updates and guidance from researchers, staff, communities and change agents in the field, covering the breadth and depth of themes and issues related to sanitation marketing in the Pacific.

One thought on “Introducing ‘The Business’ and WPSMIP

  1. Interested in the world of sanitation and marketing in the Pacific and Developing nations around the world. I look forward to the inovation and challenges that will siute the situation here in my country Fiji. This is also a component which challenges me as a sanitary officer considering the development around us with the sanitation aspect is being neglected which is being a point of concern to society and a nation as a whole. This has also contributed to disease outbreaks where government’s economy is also affected towards development.


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