MAKING A SPLASH – Stories from the people making sanitation markets a reality.

V11140134_10152692652180951_769995844301762603_oasiti Servatu Qionimacawa

Live & Learn Fiji, WASH Project Manager

Vasiti Seruvatu Qionimacawa first began her career with Live & Learn Fiji ten years ago, and in that time has worked on a number of projects including Phase I of the CS-WASH Fund project, Modelling and Testing Sanitation Marketing and Hygiene Behavioural Change in the Western Pacific.

Vasiti now brings her wealth of experience to lead the Fiji WASH Team as the Project Manager for Phase II, Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation Project.

Vasiti’s prior knowledge of sanitation marketing in a Pacific context has so far been an incredible asset to the Fiji WASH Team, providing a strong understanding of the potential risks faced by the project, whilst also offering fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Vasiti’s strength in experience and leadership has not only been of value to the Fiji team, but has been shared across the Live & Learn network, through a peer-learning exchange to Vanuatu in May of this year. During this trip Vasiti guided the team through hygiene promotion activities in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Pam, and shared her sanitation marketing experiences. This intercultural learning has proved highly valuable to the teams in both Vanuatu and Fiji, increasing understanding of different contexts across the Pacific and the various approaches to hygiene promotion, as well as building team relationships and morale.

“We have a great team – we just need to maintain constant communication and knowledge sharing between country teams to ensure that we successfully reach out to people we serve.”

Vasiti Qionimacawa
Live & Learn Fiji

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