Getting ready for WASH Futures 2016


The Live & Learn WASH program leadership are getting ready to travel to Brisbane next week to participate in the WASH Futures Conference. Project Managers from all four countries in the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program will be attending the conference – traveling from Fiji, Melbourne, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

They will join practitioners and professionals from civil society, governments, private sectors, donors, students and academic institutions who will come together to contribute to the broader international WASH dialogue, and share knowledge with the Australian WASH community and partners.

The conference comprises five days of activities with two days with guest speakers, followed by three days of specialist training workshops.  Seven themes will be explored during the conference:

  • WASH management for sustainable service delivery
  • WASH business, financing & private sectors
  • Ensuring WASH reaches everyone
  • Moving WASH beyond the household
  • Integrating hygiene to ensure health outcomes
  • WASH and water security
  • WASH in the Pacific: situations and trends

As well as being conference participants, Live & Learn is also co-facilitating two workshops:

  1. Community-based Sanitation Enterprise Models in Peri-Urban and Informal Settlements in Melanesia
  2. WASH in Schools: Building Awareness of Strategies for Effectiveness

We will be providing updates on the progress of the WASH Futures 2016 conference next week!


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