Sharing CBSE approach at WASH Futures 2016

At the recent WASH Futures 2016 Conference Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing Innovation Program staff from Live & Learn and International WaterCentre co-facilitated a workshop to share lessons learned in establishing community-based sanitation marketing enterprises. The workshop presenters were: Annika Kearton and Regina Souter, from International WaterCentre, and Iva Koroisamanunu and Rob Hughes, from Live & Learn.

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The presentation shared a case study from Vanuatu on how market research and small business development was done with community-based cooperatives who are participating in the pilot project. The foundation for the approach focuses on exploring three essential areas of small business planning: Demand, Supply and Enabling Environment. Iva presented findings in these three areas from the pilot program in Vanuatu. Slides she shared during the workshop are given below.

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Based on the information gained by analyzing local demand, supply and enabling environments, the participating community-based cooperatives then wrote their business plan based on an adapted Strategyzer tool called “The Business Model Canvas”  The business plans include details on the following questions:

  1. Who is our market?
  2. What will we sell?
  3. How will we sell and deliver?

In one Vanuatu community cooperative they have decided to sell four types of toilet kits: Flush with septic, Pour flush, Ventilated Improved Pit toilet; and Composting toilet. Cooperative members will be able to purchase their toilets using a hire/purchase arrangement, non-members will have access to a lay-buy facility operated by the cooperative.

The lessons shared during the workshop are valuable for the WASH sector in the South Pacific, as we are still learning what is effective in establishing sustainable community-based sanitation enterprises in the local context of PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. For more information on the community-based sanitation enterprises approach please contact us on

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