First toilets sold in Kavieng!


The first Community-based Sanitation Enterprise developed through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program has been opened in Kulangit Village in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea. New Ireland Governor, and former PNG Prime Minister, Sir Julius Chan opened the Kulangit Sanitation Park and inspected the sample toilet designs.


Toilet designs included flush toilets with hand-washing facilities and Ventilated Improved Pit toilets with Tipi Taps for hand-washing. 10 toilets have now been sold to customers from the community. Additional orders are expected from local households and households in nearby communities.

The Kulangit Community-based Sanitation Enterprise is promoted through a new billboard that has been raised on the road leading to the village. This billboard was hand-painted by local youth. A new Water, Sanitation and Hygiene song has also been launched, and is now being played on Radio New Ireland.




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