WASH Coordination in Vanuatu

pastedImageLive & Learn Vanuatu has drafted an overview briefing of government level WASH coordination mechanisms. We have been helped in this by Katie Connolly, who has spent the past six weeks working with the WPSMIP as an intern. Katie is a graduate student at the University of North Carolina, USA. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Public Health, with a focus on WASH and climate change. As part of her practicum requirement for her degree, and to gain more professional experience, Katie has spent the past six weeks with Live & Learn’s Port Vila office.

During her time in Vanuatu, Katie had the opportunity to work on a variety of different activities, including the drafting of a briefing paper on government level WASH coordination mechanisms in Vanuatu, and assisting with writing training modules for disaster risk reduction training for the two pilot Community-based Sanitation Enterprises (CBSE) the Live & Learn team is working with through support from the CS WASH fund.


Katie interviewed many key WASH stakeholders in Vanuatu, and was very grateful to the willingness of so many stakeholders to speak with her as she worked on drafting the WASH coordination briefing document. The draft is now with Live & Learn to complete before distribution in the future. Katie is now returning to the United States to finish her masters degree, but definitely plans to seek out more opportunities to work in the South Pacific in the future.

“My relatively short time in Vanuatu has been extremely rewarding. It is so interesting to see the concepts that I have learned about in classes applied in real life. But, more importantly, my time here has given me experiences that I could not get in a classroom, such as working with the CBSEs during trainings and committee meetings.”


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