Kulangit CBSE selling more toilets

Kulangit Community-based Sanitation Enterprise in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea, has maintained the momentum from their launch in June and continued to build toilets for the community and invest in the development of their enterprise.

imageIn a recent report from Live & Learn in Kavieng, the CBSE reported that they have completed:

  • 2 flush toilets for the Kulangit Community Hall
  • 2 VIPs for New Ireland Provincial Day celebrations
  • 3 flush toilets with shower facilities at Kulangit
  • 3 VIPS for community

Currently the sanitation enterprise is constructing two VIPs in the community, with six more planned over the next few weeks.

Kulangit Sanitation Enterprise were also very proud to receive their certification from the PNG Investment Promotion Authority – which is official recognition of their business name and permission to trade. Kulangit has also submitted their Internal Revenue Commission forms to obtain a certificate of compliance and a tax identification number. Navigating the bureaucracy of small business operation is very confusing, especially for community members who are used to earning income through the informal sector in PNG. Good coaching is essential in these early stages of establishing the sanitation enterprise to help the CBSE members maintain confidence. In the past week the Kulangit CBSE members have participated in a refresher leadership training to continue to build their management capacity.


You can read about the launch of the Kulangit CBSE here.

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