Working together to improve school sanitation

Each partner country in the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Project continues to work with the pilot schools that are part of the project WASH in Schools component. In Solomon Islands Operation and Maintenance training for toilet facilities was conducted with the school teachers and the WASH committee, including gender and social inclusion games to ensure students with special needs are included. The children participated in Operaton and Maintenance training too, with a WASH Club at the pilot school designing posters to advocate for the roles and responsibilities students have to help keep the school toilets clean and working well.


In PNG one of the pilot schools conducted a WASH Quest. The theme for the quest was “Increasing Children’s participation in Hygiene Advocacy.” The Quest included  a fashion parade, traditional costumes promoting WASH products, poems written by students, WASH songs, and drama productions. At Maiom Primary School one of the sanitation marketing partners – Hulong Hardware – donated soap for the students to use to wash their hands after using the toilets at the school. These examples illustrate that everyone in the community can contribute to improving sanitation and hygiene in schools – students, teachers, parents, local government and the private sector. Better sanitation in schools results in healthy children, and better learning outcomes.



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