Sanitation Enterprises launched in Vanuatu


The first two pilot Community-based Sanitation Enterprises were launched in Vanuatu this week. Tuburah and SAMAPETA sanitation enterprises were launched in an event that featured guest speakers from the Vanuatu Government Department of Public Health, and representatives from the Vanuatu Department of Cooperatives. Paramount Chiefs were also present, and representatives from local NGOs and the community.

The members of each community-based sanitation enterprise manned booths at the launch to speak about their work, and share brochures of the different toilet designs they will sell. The interest from the participants was so high that they ran out of brochures! Tuburah and SAMAPETA sanitation enterprises have both chosen women as the chairperson. Both sanitation enterprise leaders spoke during the launch and explained to the audience their approaches to marketing and sales. A special traditional cake was cut to mark the launch, and each sanitation enterprise received their formal certificate of registration as a cooperative, under the Vanuatu Cooperative Act. The two sanitation enterprises are now focused on preparing for the opening of the sanitation parks in their community and anticipating their first sales.



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