Hygiene Promotion with Educators in Vanuatu

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During August the Live & Learn Vanuatu Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation Program team conducted hygiene promotion training for teachers, educators, sports club leaders, and curriculum writers. The training provided the opportunity for schools to do detailed planning and budgeting for improved hygiene in schools. Plans were also made on how to address menstrual hygiene management in schools.

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After talking about hygiene in schools. Teachers and educators participated in practical sessions on how to make soap and how to build a simple tippy tap from easily available materials to use for washing hands. Feedback from the participants was positive, with one representative from the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education saying: “I will build one tippy tap next week and send you the pictures!”

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Participants from sports partners in Soccer, Rugby and cricket presented their plans to integrate Hygiene in sports in schools. These include providing fist bands with hand washing messages to every team member, and group hand washing after every sports activity at school.

Each head of school representative presented their plans for improving hygiene by creating a specific budget for WASH in Schools. Then a representative from the VITE discussed the importance of having a sustainability approach in the curriculum for the schools so teachers are equipped to advocate for safe hygiene in schools. The school teachers that participated are now planning run their own hygiene trainings in their respective schools after the school holidays are completed.

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A Ladder of WASH in school for teachers to use in planning WASH Committees and School WASH Clubs


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