“New Year, New Toilet!” Competition


Today in Vanuatu the Live & Learn team joined with SAMAPETA and Tuburah Sanitation Enterprises to launch the “Niu Yia, Nui Toelet” (New Year, New Toilet) competition to promote the community sanitation enterprises, and to improve awareness on the importance of having a family toilet and washing hands with soap. The competition is being launched over 15-16 December at a “Christmas at the Park” event in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Live & Learn will also demonstrate sample toilets and how to build a simple Tippy Tap. Live & Learn is working with the hygiene team from Pacific Supplies, who have donated prizes and giveaways to help launch the competition.


The competition theme is: “Good Toilet, Clean Hands, Happy Family.” Entries must reflect the theme in a creative way. There are three categories for entries – a song, a photograph, or painting/drawing. The competition closes on 18 January. Entries will be judged by a representative from Dept of Public Health, and Wansmolbag Theatre, with presentations made at a special event on 27 January.

The main prize is a button flush toilet, with a bulk supply of toilet paper and soap.The button flush toilet will be built by the community sanitation enterprise. Other prizes are available through corporate support, including a tablet computer, an Alcatel Pixi 4 smart phone. Promotional “goodies bags” will also be awarded through the radio promotion.


Posters have been printed and put in strategic places in town. Sun Production agreed to support the printing of posters and the banners. Both telecommunication companies in Vanuatu have shown interest in supporting the competition through SMS promotion. TVL is also giving free on-air promotion, including time on radio stations FM 107 and FM 96. Live & Learn and the two community-based sanitation enterprise members will also speak on the Radio Vanuatu community program to further promote the competition and toilet products they sell.

More information on the competing is available from the New Year New Toilet Facebook Page!

This hygiene promotion activity is implemented through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program, funded by the Australian government through the Civil Society WASH Fund.

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