Vanuatu Hygiene Promotion winners


The winners of the Niu Yia Niu Toelet competition in Vanuatu have been announced and received their prizes at a special presentation at the main market in Port Vila. The overall winner was Gero Iavin, with his song “Happy Families.” Other winners were the photograph “Soapy Hands” by 10 year old photographer Yanick (shown above). The wonderful drawing “Happy Families” by Mathias Boe, and the “Vanuatu Mamas Washing Hands” song and video by Dawna Horton.


The first prize winner receives a new flush toilet and hand-washing station for their home through one of the two sanitation enterprises now in business in Port Vila, and thanks to the generosity of other sponsors they also received toilet paper, a computer tablet and other stationary. Many children who submitted entries received sports equipment and stationary from sponsors just before schools returns. Sponsorship was received from Digicel, Pacific Supplies, Sun Production, TVL, Live & Learn and DFAT.

The competition was promoted through two radio spots plus daily promotion by the announcers at FM107, a popular radio station in Vanuatu. Posters were displayed around Port Vila town. Four SMS Push messages were sent by Digicel to promote the competition’s message of the importance of washing hands with soap and having a good toilet in the home. These messages reached more than 29,000 people in Port Vila. During the award ceremony SAMAPETA and Tuburah Sanitation Enterprises promoted their toilet products and construction services to people attending the ceremony and also the general public doing their shopping at the market. Below is a still from one of the winning entries, a video song that promotes hand-washing with soap.


The Niu Yia Niu Toelet competition is part of the hygiene promotion and sanitation marketing activities of the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Project being implemented by Live & Learn in Vanuatu. The project is funded by the Australian government through the Civil Society WASH Fund.






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