First toilet sales in Solomon Islands


The Henderson Community-based Sanitation Enterprise in Honiara Solomon Islands sold their first toilets during a mini-launch celebration held recently. The Honourable Peter Shannel was the special guest at the launch of a sanitation park that will provide sanitation information to the public and access to model toilet designs that are available for sale.


Many local families, including women and children, attended the program. Various stakeholders from DFAT, RWASH, Kokonut pasifika, Solomon Star and Guest of Honor Honorable Peter Shannel (Minister of Civil Aviation, MP for Central Guadalcanal) also attended the program. The day begin with an introduction and prayer from Mr. Alick Palusi followed by a formal welcome from the Henderson WASH Committee Chairman Mr. Raymond Mauriasi. Mr. Mauriasi spoke about how this is a dream come true for the people in Henderson, which is a peri-urban community with families from many areas of Solomon Islands.


Guest of Honor and Member of Parliament Peter Shannel give a well appreciated speech encouraging the WASH Committee and sanitation enterprise to work together with him, as he is also a resident of Henderson community. Mr. Shannel promised that he will work closely with the community to help the Henderson WASH Community Company and will try to establish a link in setting goals and strategic plan for a sustainable community company in the community. Mr. Shannel was also the first customer to purchase 2 toilet raisers for a VIP and pour flash model. Production of toilets is now underway, with the sanitation park serving as a promotion for the Henderson sanitation enterprise.

The mini-launch is a high point for Henderson Community-based Sanitation Enterprise, as the enterprise members have faced many challenges during their formation, including finding secure land access and heavy rainfall during construction. They were very proud to install a billboard featuring their enterprise logo and are excitied about continued marketing and sales. The Henderson Sanitation Enterprise in Honiara, Solomon Islands, is supported by Live & Learn, through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program funded by the Australian government through the CS WASH fund.





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