“Wipe” wins Hygiene competition in Fiji


Over the Christmas and new year period the Live & Learn team worked with the Fiji Community-based Sanitation Market to hold a hygiene promotion competition. Prizes included various hygiene products, and the construction of a new toilet. The theme was “Be Safe, Bad Bugs Kill!” First prize was awarded to the poster called “Wipe” by Asera from Veirasis Community. Second prize was awarded to the song “Bacteria” written by Vila & Fipe from Kalekana Community. Third prize was awarded to the poster called “Tree” by Isoak from Vuniivi Community.

Other awards were given for most relevent, best quality, most original, and most creative. Over 31 entires were received. All the entrires were judged by the CBSM and L&L staff, using a specific marking criteria. Representatives from the Fiji government and Australian government attended the award ceremony, with the chief guest the Counsellor, Development Cooperation for Fiji and Tu all, Ms Christina Munzer. The ceremony also included the presentation of the Business Certificate to the leadership of the Community-based Sanitation Market, hygiene promotion tools and Basic Computer Training Certificates in recognition of training completed by six executive members of the CBSM.

The competition was promoted through posters, flyers and the printing of special t-shirts. Information about improving sanitation and hygiene were also broadcast on local radio and television, through community channels that reach 95% of the population in Fiji. This resulted in many enquires to the CBSM about purcashing toilet products and services. The hygiene competition was made possible through the Western Pacific Sanitation & Marketing Innovation program, which is funded by the Australian government through the CS WASH Fund. Live & Learn is implementing this project in Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG.








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