Toilet construction training in Kimbe, PNG


Two youth members of the Dagi Community-based Sanitation Enterprise expressed gratitude for the skills and new innovative ideas they learned during the recent toilet construction training with Dagi Community Sanitation Enterprise in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. At the end of the training Greg Aisim said:

“We’re now empowered with new skills and technical know-how. We thought that expensive ceramic toilet riser seats (toilet bowls) were the only way for us to have pour or button flush toilet systems. Thanks to the training we can now build a similar product locally using stronger and affordable concrete.”

Greg Aisim is pictured with Ambrose Napi alongside one of the prototype concrete riser seats for a pour flush toilet system built during the training. Live & Learn staff in PNG conducted the training with construction staff of Dagi community sanitation enterprise and the newly established Saraklock sanitation enterprise. The training focused on adapting designs to cope with the local environmental challenges. Dagi community is in an area where seasonal flooding is a major concern so pit toilets are not suitable. A traditional commercial button or pour flush septic system is too expensive for families – costing between PGK3000 to PGK7800 per unit. The low cost system designed by Dagi community sanitation enterprise has material costs of around PGK500. During the training Saraklock sanitation enterprise developed both a wooden toilet seat riser and a concrete seat riser, while Dagi sanitation enterprise focused on improving construction skills for concrete seat risers.


Greg expressed gratitude to Live & Learn and the Australian government, as the project is contributing towards skills development, and youth empowerment. Young people in peri-urban communities like Dagi Community face being labeled as potential trouble-makers, through this project Greg and Ambrose feel they can escape this label by contributing to the community through improving sanitation.

The Dagi and Saraklock community sanitation enterprises are supported by Live & Learn through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation project, which is funded by the Australian government through the CS WASH Fund.

This story was provided by Philemon Karema, Live & Learn PNG

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