Action on WASH in Daru Schools


In March School leaders and teachers on the island of Daru in Western Province of PNG worked with Live & Learn PNG and Live & Learn Vanuatu to establish Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Committees, and write plans to address sanitation and hygiene issues in their schools. WASH Committees are now functioning in three schools on Daru, with the school leadership and representatives of parents and teachers discussing water, sanitation and hygiene issues for their schools based on the participatory Bottleneck Analysis case study reports produced with the help of Live & Learn. The school board chairman from one of the schools thanked Live & Learn for helping them learn and discuss so much valuable information in a short time!


David Coulon, an education specialist train from Live & Learn Vanuatu worked with the Live & Lean team in Daru to prepare and conduct a hygiene promotion training program with teachers from all schools in Daru. The schools on Daru face serious hygiene and sanitation challenges, with open delectation common due to lack of toilets. One school started the school year with some classes operating in tents donated by UNICEF when classroom buildings were condemned. During the training the teachers from the schools wrote a Theory of Change to address the sanitation and hygiene issues in their schools, which was then used as a basis for action plans.


The teachers and the school WASH committees also determined their approach for starting WASH Clubs with the students as part of engaging the children in taking action to improve hygiene practice at the schools. At the conclusion of the training the participants presented their plans for how they will utilise what they learned. Each school stated that their priority was to immediately establish active WASH Committees and student WASH Clubs. At the conclusion of the training. Certificates were presented to each teacher by the Daru government director for education. The principal and chairman of each school viewed the presentations and commented on the energy and commitment of the teachers to conduct hygiene activities.


WASH in schools activities in Daru are implemented by Live & Learn with the support from the Australian Government through the CS WASH Fund.

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