Constructing Portable Toilets in Vanuatu


Six staff from the two Sanitation Enterprises in Port Vila, Vanuatu, recently improved their construction knowledge by participating in training to build their own tool boxes and portable toilet’s for people living with disabilities and children.

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The training was facilitated by Matt King, a volunteer through Engineers Without Borders who is providing technical mentoring to the sanitation enterprises on sanitation designs in challenging environments. The workshop was a combination of classroom lessons and practical exercises. After the workshop, each of the six construction staff are able to construct a standard toolkit box, knew how safety to use the tools, how to select sites for toilet locations, and how to construct portable toilets.

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Willie Cholie is one of the construction staff from the SAMAPETA Sanitation Enterprise at Erakor Half Road. He said, “I was so privilege to be part of the WASH-CBSE project. I learn a lot in this informative training practical. I will utilize what I learn and try to help my community through building a good and wealthy, healthy environment!”

The portable toilets are being sold through the recently launched TopWan sanitation brand following good publicity in Vanuatu newspapers and other media. Several toilets have been sold already and more are being constructed by both sanitation enterprises to meet customer demand.

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