Hygiene is as important as ABC

The Live & Learn Vanuatu hosted a Curriculum Review Meeting with 16 Curriculum Writers, three National Curriculum Coordinators for Junior and Secondary, the Principal Education Officer and two consultants. Discussion addressed approaches on hygiene education and integration of the hygiene resources developed by Live & Learn into the exisiting primary school curriculum.

Live & Learn has developed a number of hygiene resources that can be used by teachers and students. ”The Live & Learn Hands Up for Hygiene Manual has lesson breakdowns to guide teachers in integrating hygiene in a well structured lesson plan,” said Ms Dolores Maltaus, the National Curriculum Writer for Health & PE – French.

All activities in the resources are hands-on and practical, and the activities can easily be adapted in the classroom to promote good hygiene behaviours in students. Ms Helen Tamtam, a consultant currently engaged by the Ministry of Education to review the Early Childhood Education Language Curriculum, described the Live & Learn Germ Busters resource as “Well adapted to lower primary students because of the pictures, games and fun activities for the students.” 

The Arts for Advocacy guidebooks developed by Live & Learn present a student and teacher advocacy approach. These resources are designed to guide school WASH Clubs or youth groups to effectively plan and carry out hygiene promotion campaigns in schools. Students are taken on a journey to discover how they can make positive changes in their school and community by advocating key hygiene messages in their schools with their peers, teachers, friends and parents. According to Ms Nina Alvos, one of the curriculum writers for primary school, the “Arts for Advocacy Guide has so many new activities that are relevant to students and teachers.” 

The outcome of this meeting is for the curriculum writers to identify key subjects that can integrate activities from the Live & Learn resources that can be used in the classroom by teachers. The curriculum writers also recommend the submission of the Live & Learn resources to the National Curriculum Board for endorsement.


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