New toilets for school in Vanuatu

Mr Ratubani from the Vanuatu Ministry of Health recently lead the handover of four new Ventilated Improved Pit toilets for the Nukus Kasaru Primary School in Vanuatu. The two toilet blocks (one for boys and one for girls) were constructed by the Taburah community-based sanitation enterprise, which sells toilet products under the TopWan brand in Vanuatu.

Live & Learn is supporting two community based sanitation enterprises in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Both are unique in that they are led by women. Picture below is Alice, the Chairlady of the Taburah sanitation enterprise, making a speech to the school during the hand-over ceremony.

Alice – Chairlady of the CBSE Taburah.

Both boys and girls toilet facilities have a hand-washing bucket with tap directly outside the toilets. This school does not have access to permanent water supply, which is why the school has chosen to invest in VIP toilets and bucket-based hand-washing facilities. The girls toilet also has extra space inside where girls have privacy to wash themselves during their monthly periods.

Two VIP toilets for the girls, with a washroom and hand washing bucket outside.
Boys toilet with hand washing bucket and soap.

The Taburah community-based sanitation enterprise has been in business for nearly 12 months. They continue to service the local community through construction projects such as the toilets at Nukus Kasaru Primary School. Live & Learn supports Taburah sanitation enterprise through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Project, which is funded by the Australian government through the Civil Society WASH Fund.

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