WASH in Schools in Solomon Islands

Live & Learn has worked with seven urban schools in Honiara, Solomon Islands, to construct group hand-washing facilities.

The different designs of the hand-washing stations were based on each school’s access to water. Some schools have taps attached to a concrete structure on the end of a permanent school building. Others have a free-standing system using timber and PVC pipes.

Many schools have had rules on frequency of hand-washing, but have been unable to put these guidelines into practice. With the newly established hand-washing stations the school managers, the school WASH committees and student-led WASH Clubs are taking the opportunity to refine the guidelines that will encourage students to wash their hands with soap at critical times (after going to the toilet, before eating food, etc).

Disease spreads quickly in cramped spaces with limited ventilation, where hand-washing facilities or soap are not available. The group hand-washing facilities are an important part of improving the health and well-being of children at the schools. Funding for the facilities was provided to Live & Learn by the Australian government through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program, through the Civil Society WASH Fund.

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