Sanitation Collaboration with Kavieng Prison

Correctional institution inmates and prison wardens from the minimum security Kavieng Jail in New Ireland, PNG, are working with the Topwan Sanitation Enterprise in Kavieng to provide toilet slabs and risers, and soap. Live & Learn has provided technical training and the inmates can now produce a VIP toilet slab and seat riser in under two hours. They are also producing large quantities of soap, using locally available coconut oil. The soap is being purchased by local schools for use by students and teachers.

Group photo of participants.

The objective of the partnership is to improve the efficiency of TopWan sanitation enterprise sales people in meeting customer demand for quality sanitation products. The inmates are now able to produce high quality, uniform sanitation products including raisers, slabs, hand washing basins and laundry tubs. These products are now being sold at TopWan retail outlets in Kavieng Town and in roadside stalls in the surrounding target communities of Kulangit, Sivasat, Parwat and Kaselok.

The inmates training also covered basic operation and maintenance of toilet facilities, and hygiene promotion training that included two inmates and two female prison guards. The prison inmates are valuable partners in the production of sanitation products for improved toilets in Kavieng area. They are also learning new skills that they will be able to utilise to earn income when they return to the community. This activity has been implemented by Live & Learn through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program, which is funded by the Australian government through the Civil Society WASH Fund.

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