Solomon Islands CBSE featured in the Island Sun Newspaper

Live and Learn Solomon Islands have been engaged in a four year Community Based Sanitation Enterprise project piloted in Henderson, East Honiara, and Namoliki, Central Honiara, since 2014.

Under the Western Pacifc Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program (WPSMIP) the two peri-urban communities of Henderson and Namoliki have been engaged in the construction of two types of toilet raisers, said Mrs Hilda Tango, Live & Learn WASH Project Manager in the Solomon Islands.

Services provided by both Henderson and Namoliki community sanitation enterprise are construction, installation and maintenance of toilets. They also assist customers to identify the proper location to build a toilet to ensure that water points are far enough from the toilet.

Prices of the toilets are very reasonable. Money raised from selling the toilets is deposited into bank accounts set up by the two community enterprises to keep the sanitation business growing.

Solomon Islands Rural Water Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH) National Base Line Survey in 2015 indicated that only 13 percent of the population have access to basic sanitation facilities. This means a staggering 87 percent of the population still use open defecation.

According to RWASH, access to safe sanitation eliminates many diseases and health conditions and is a very important indicator of human progress.

The aim of the Community Based Sanitation Enterprises is to give all communities and households the opportunity to own toilets. It is a matter of prioritising toilets, building skills and educating the community about the benefits of proper sanitation.


Here’s a link to the article in the Island Sun Newspaper:

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