Toilet and bathroom construction in Vanuatu

The two TopWan Sanitation Enterprises are very busy in Port Vila building toilets and bathrooms for families living in peri-urban areas. These customers have not had a permanent toilet before, but instead of climbing the sanitation ladder step-by-step they are working with Taburah and SAMAPETA sanitation enterprises to build full bathrooms, some with showers and bathtubs!


When asked why they hadn’t invested in this level of family sanitation and hygiene facilities earlier the customers explain that before TopWan was established there was no local business interested in serving their needs in peri-urban areas. Most quailed trades people and plumbers were working on more high end construction of full houses.


The TopWan sanitation enterprises are meeting demand in an underserved market for improved sanitation, and continue to work with customers on simple toilets such as VIP models, and more advanced permanent bathrooms with pour flush toilets.


SAMAPETA Sanitation Enterprise is marketing their products through an active Facebook page:


Taburah Sanitation Enterprise is also marketing their products through an active Facebook page:


The TopWan Sanitation Enterprises were established in Port Vila with support from Live & Learn through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program, funded by the Australian giver through the CS WASH fund. Additional technical design and construction training was provided by support from Engineers Without Borders in Australia and New Zealand.



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