Live and Learn supports Ambae Island Volcano evacuees

A volcanic eruption has forced people to evacuate Ambae Island in Vanuatu. At least 6,000 have been moved from their homes due to dangerous volcanic ash falling on their island. About 10,000 people live on the island, and those in the north and south are most vulnerable. Currently the evacuees are in temporary camps on Santo, Maewo and Pentecost.

The Vanuatu government WASH Cluster coordination group is funding the two sanitation enterprises established by Live & Learn to support the Ambae Island evacuees with:

  • TopWan Portable Toilets
  • TopWan Toilet paper
  • TopWan Handwashing buckets

So far 25 portable toilets have been completed and a large shipment of TopWan toilet paper has been sent. Once all the portable toilets are completed then the team will travel to the islands to help support operation and maintenance and conduct hygiene awareness.

Vanuatu’s Government has declared a state of emergency. The Manaro volcano has been active since 2005, but a recent increase in activity has raised fears of a major eruption. The national government has approved a $2 million fund to provide food, shelter, water and sanitation to those affected.

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