Sanitation Enterprises supported by Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands

Memorandum of understanding with Honiara City Council to support sanitation enterprises.

The Honiara City Council Environmental Health Department has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide capacity-building and support to two community-based sanitation enterprises selling improved toilets in Honiara, Solomon Islands.



Access to improved water and basic sanitation is a major challenge in the Solomon Islands. Only 32% of people have access to safe sanitation. Through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation program Live & Learn Solomon Islands established two community-based sanitation enterprises in the peri-urban settlements of Namoliki and Henderson.


Through the MoU, Honiara City Council and Live & Learn Solomon Islands will work closely together to assist the two sanitation enterprises with technical advice and support. The two parties will consistently cooperate to promote sanitation products and services of two sanitation enterprises, and facilitate to combine or link the two sanitation enterprises with public demands and potential sanitation markets at both the local and national level.


The Honiara City Council has played a pivotal role in providing improved hygiene and sanitation services to communities in Honiara City.


Through this MoU the Honiara City Council commits to:
  • Supervise and provide overall guidance and technical assistance to the two sanitation enterprises through training, support and on-site mentoring
  • Assist in conducting technical field assessment for water quality tests, environmental impact assessment and environmental sanitation in target communities
  • Make recommendations and give advice to the top sanitation enterprises on the implementation of sanitation marketing and any other sanitary-related issues
  • Allow sanitation products of two sanitation enterprises to be stored at the Honiara City Council Depot for marketing and promotion purposes, and help to promote and connect the two sanitation enterprises with potential customers
  • Engage the two sanitation enterprises in the hygiene and sanitation service activities of Honiara City Council, and allow them to participate in toilet construction workshops
  • Share customer quotas and allocated 30-40% of the customer orders for sanitation products and services with the two sanitation enterprises as a complementary business partner to help meet sanitation demands
  • Integrate services provided by the two sanitation enterprises into Honiara City Council strategic plan for future development and support
The community-based sanitation enterprises in Namoliki and Henderson were established by Live & Learn through funding provided by the Australian government through the Civil Society WASH Fund.

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