WASH Champs at the PNG Games


The Papua New Guinea Games is a biannual sporting event that brings together over 12,000 athletes in 22 provincial teams to compete in events that help identify new sporting talent in PNG. In November 2017 the PNG Games were held in Kimbe, West New Britain Province. Live & Learn Environmental Education and the two sanitation enterprises used the opportunity to promote washing hands with soap to all the visiting provincial sports teams.


During the two-week event Live & Learn and the two sanitation enterprises distributed hand-washing basins and soaps to each team, and then each night hygiene promotion activities were conducted at the different team accommodation sites. The hygiene promotion activities focused on the importance of washing hands, especially before eating and after using the toilet.

The Team Managers were thankful for the presentations, and that good hygiene promotes good health – which is very important for young athletes. They went on to say that the presentations were a good reminder to the athletes to take washing hands with soap more seriously.


The hygiene promotion activities during the PNG Games were implemented through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Program, which is funded through the DFAT Civil Society WASH Fund.


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