Growing Demand for Sanitation Marketing in Fiji

The Community Based Sanitation Market (CBSM) in Suva, Fiji, recently received approval for the renewal of its business license from the Provincial Administrator for Rewa Province. This not only signifies another year in business for the CBSM but it was also an opportunity for the CBSM to share recent developments with the government office responsible for the geographical area in which the CBSM operates.


The CBSM is a local partnership business set up with the aim of providing affordable and quality sanitation services and products to people living in informal settlements around Suva. Keeping the appropriate government officials informed about it’s business progress has helped the CBSM to be acknowledged as a legitimate solution to the public’s sanitation problems.

Recently, members of the public have inquired to government about sanitation options for their communities and these government officials have referred them to the CBSM. This exposure at the sub national level shows the promising potential for the expansion of the CBSM. As the CBSM continues to grow its relationship with government and increase its customer base, more people will be able to access an affordable and quality toilet and Fiji will be one step closer to achieving SDG 6.

Fiji CBSM logo-colourThe CBSM was established through the support of Live & Learn Fiji and the Australian government through the Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing & Innovation Project funded by the Civil Society WASH Fund.

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