The Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation Program is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) CS-WASH Fund, implemented by Live & Learn Environmental Education in partnership with The International Water Centre (IWC), and the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA).


Live & Learn International

Live & Learn’s vision is for a sustainable and equitable world free from poverty.

Live & Learn educates, mobilises communities, and facilitates supportive partnerships in order to foster a greater understanding of sustainability, and to help move towards a sustainable future.

Live & Learn aims to:

  • encourage individual and community attitudes, values and actions that are ethical and sustainable

  • encourage networks and partnerships between schools, children, youth, teachers, governments, chiefs, elders, parents, the media and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

  • share knowledge, skills, learning experiences and resources with others for the benefit of the physical and human environment

  • promote the integration of the concepts of human rights, environmentalism, humanitarianism, culture, gender equality and peace in all  projects and programs

  • promote action-based, effective and creative learning models and teaching methodologies.

International Water Centre

The International WaterCentre (IWC) provides education and training, applied research and knowledge services to implement a whole-of-water cycle approach and develop capacity in integrated water resource management.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Sustainable urban communities
  • Healthy river basins
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene

International Women’s Development Agency

IWDA is the leading Australian agency entirely focussed on women’s rights and gender equality in the Asia Pacific region. We are international, feminist and independent.

IWDA’s vision is for a world where every woman and man, girl and boy has equal rights and opportunities. IWDA partners with others in the Asia Pacific region to advance women’s human rights. We stand up for women and girls by tackling issues of power, money and security.

Our values:

  • Feminist – Women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. Women make up half the world yet face persistent discrimination. When a woman owns her human rights, she can change the world for herself and the women around her.

  • Accountable – Clear, open and honest approaches give strength to our accomplishments. We invite dialogue about our work from everyone involved.

  • Collaborative – Participation is a right. Women are stronger together, and local knowledge drives long-term solutions.

  • Transformative – With full access to their rights, women have the potential to transform the world. By tackling issues of power, money and security we can hold governments and decision-makers accountable and transform the root causes of gender inequality.

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