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TopWan New Ireland uses World Toilet Day to open new school toilets and increase sales

  More than 700 people and students participated in a World Toilet Day 2017 special event hosted by TopWan New Ireland. TopWan New Ireland is the sanitation enterprise established with the support of Live & Learn in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. A large street parade marched through town and also included the launch of ...

Sanitation enterprise meeting challenge of urbanisation in Solomon Islands

Honiara has one of the highest urban growth rates in the region, and globally (see report). Urban areas are growing at nearly twice the rate of the nation, approximately 4.7 per cent every year— that’s a doubling of the urban population almost every 16 years. Some peri-urban areas (settlements on the outskirts of Honiara) are growing ...

Toilets: Balancing customer aspirations and affordability

The Community-based Sanitation Enterprises established in PNG, Vanuatu, Fiji and Solomon Islands are continuing their sales and construction of toilets. In Vanuatu a customer has purchased a toilet with a permanent building constructed of concrete. In Kimbe, PNG, the sanitation enterprises have built pour-flush toilets for an elementary school. They are also trialling a low cost biogas and septic toilet system - which will be the first technology of its kind in West New Britain province. The low-cost biogas and septic toilet system was built during a four-day construction training as part of the on-going mentoring and monitoring for the two sanitation enterprises in Kimbe.

Students speak out on menstruation in Kavieng, PNG

Over 300 students from three schools in Kavieng District spent a day together to talk about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

Menstruation hygiene kits provided to Vanuatu schools

School management and teachers from six schools in Port Vila, Vanuatu, came together for a two day induction workshop to establish their Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) in Schools programs. They also participated in a special focus program on Menstrual Hygiene Management, which included the Acting Director of Education in Vanuatu, the National Director of the Primary School Program, the Deputy Principal Education Officer for Shefa Province and the Natinoal Early Childhood Education Coordinator (pictured above).

Education Changes Everything #MenstruationMatters

Every month more than 300 million girls aged between 10-14 may dread the arrival of their period. A lack of adequate guidance, toilet facilities and sanitary materials for girls to manage their menstruation in schools causes girls to experience shame, fear, confusion. They face many challenges attempting to manage their menstruation - insufficient information, lack of social support, ongoing social and hygiene taboos, and a shortage of suitable water, sanitation and waste disposal facilities in schools. So many of these girls just stay home until they finish bleeding. They can miss a week of school every month.

Portable toilet used in cyclone response

TopWan community based saniation enterprise have supported families in Teouma Valley, Vanuatu, with an improved toilet and hand-washing facility after they were displaced when Tropical Cyclone Donna damaged their homes. The families are currently sleeping in the community kindergarten building while they rebuild their homes. They were forced to use the bush as a temporary place ...

Hygiene training for sanitation enterprises in Vanuatu

Staff from the two sanitation enterprises in Vanuatu recently participated in hygiene education sessions to build their understanding of the health benefits of good sanitation and washing hands with soap. The SAMAPETA and Tuburah community-based sanitation enterprise staff participated in hygiene education activities based on Live & Learn’s Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) resources, ...

Vanuatu toilets are the TopWan!

Today is a big day for two sanitation enterprises in Blacksand and Erakor Half Road because it is the launch of the TopWan Sanitation brand in Port Vila. TopWan branded toilet and sanitation products are produced, installed and sold by by Tuburah Sanitation Enterprise, and by SAMAPETA Sanitation Enterprise. To celebrate the launch, a special ...

Practical Action for World Water Day in Fiji

Staff and volunteers from the Community-based Sanitation Market (CBSM) in Fiji decided to celebrate World Water Day in a practical way in their local community. Fiji has experienced very heavy rains in the past few months, with some communities experiencing flooding. The theme for World Water Da in 2017 concerns wastewater, and the importance of ...