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Students speak out on menstruation in Kavieng, PNG

Over 300 students from three schools in Kavieng District spent a day together to talk about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

Menstruation hygiene kits provided to Vanuatu schools

School management and teachers from six schools in Port Vila, Vanuatu, came together for a two day induction workshop to establish their Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) in Schools programs. They also participated in a special focus program on Menstrual Hygiene Management, which included the Acting Director of Education in Vanuatu, the National Director of the Primary School Program, the Deputy Principal Education Officer for Shefa Province and the Natinoal Early Childhood Education Coordinator (pictured above).

Education Changes Everything #MenstruationMatters

Every month more than 300 million girls aged between 10-14 may dread the arrival of their period. A lack of adequate guidance, toilet facilities and sanitary materials for girls to manage their menstruation in schools causes girls to experience shame, fear, confusion. They face many challenges attempting to manage their menstruation - insufficient information, lack of social support, ongoing social and hygiene taboos, and a shortage of suitable water, sanitation and waste disposal facilities in schools. So many of these girls just stay home until they finish bleeding. They can miss a week of school every month.


Students lead out in Menstrual Hygiene Day

Student-led presentations and the launch of a special flag were highlights of Menstrual Hygiene Day celebrations during June at the WPSMIP partner primary school in Kavieng, PNG. Three classrooms at the school were setup with awareness and information posters about Menstrual Hygiene. Each of the classrooms featured presentations about menstrual hygiene from the students. Parents ...


Menstrual Hygiene Day – talking about WASH in Schools

Today is global Menstrual Hygiene Day. In Solomon Islands the Live & Learn WPSMIP team marked Menstrual Hygiene Day with discussions at a local high school, where girls and boys discussed their perspectives on the challenges facing girls at their school. Sophie Suia, from Live & Learn Solomon Islands, shares that girls felt they struggled ...


Menstrual Hygiene Day 2015

Today, May 28th 2015 marks the second annual Menstrual Hygiene Day.  This day is aimed at raising awareness of the difficulties that many women and girls face during and as a result of their period, and recognising the positive solutions to addressing these issues. Live & Learn's Papua New Guinea WASH Team celebrated Menstrual Hygiene ...