WASH Education for Tomorrow’s Teachers in Vanuatu

Live & Learn in Vanuatu has worked with school administrators, teachers, parents and students to establish WASH Committees and WASH Clubs in nine schools in Port Vila. Additionally, LLV has partnered with the Ministry of Education to integrate WASH into the existing national school health curriculum, and trained 60 student teachers through a partnership with … Continue reading WASH Education for Tomorrow’s Teachers in Vanuatu

Anik’s Story: Inclusive Sanitation in Vanuatu

Globally, one in seven people have a disability. Disability and poverty are often linked as people living in poverty have a higher chance of acquiring a disability due to lack of medical care, poor nutrition, violence, unsafe housing, and getting injured at work. Twenty-two per cent of the world’s poorest people have a disability. In addition, people … Continue reading Anik’s Story: Inclusive Sanitation in Vanuatu

Hygiene Carnival Parade – Vanuatu

Live & Learn Vanuatu joined with 500 students from five partner schools in Port Vila, Vanuatu, to conduct a Hygiene Carnival Parade to promote Global Hand-washing Day and World Toilet Day. Students from Suango, Melemaat, Sorovanga, Vila North and Anamburu schools prepared creative banners and costumes to promote the theme of "Clean Hands, Our Future." … Continue reading Hygiene Carnival Parade – Vanuatu

Global Hand-washing Day Celebrations

Last week was a big week for the schools in Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea who partner with Live & Learn in our WASH in Schools program. This year Global Hand-washing Day fell on a Sunday, so schools selected a school day in the following week to hold their celebrations. This year … Continue reading Global Hand-washing Day Celebrations

Viability of urban community-based sanitation enterprises

Live & Learn’s support to community-based sanitation enterprises in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG and Fiji, has entered its final year. The program is testing the effectiveness of a contextualised sanitation marketing approach in Pacific Island Countries, and the potential for this approach to be replicated in other Pacific Island Countries. The approach uses a combination … Continue reading Viability of urban community-based sanitation enterprises

Live and Learn supports Ambae Island Volcano evacuees

A volcanic eruption has forced people to evacuate Ambae Island in Vanuatu. At least 6,000 have been moved from their homes due to dangerous volcanic ash falling on their island. About 10,000 people live on the island, and those in the north and south are most vulnerable. Currently the evacuees are in temporary camps on … Continue reading Live and Learn supports Ambae Island Volcano evacuees

Hygiene is as important as ABC

The Live & Learn Vanuatu hosted a Curriculum Review Meeting with 16 Curriculum Writers, three National Curriculum Coordinators for Junior and Secondary, the Principal Education Officer and two consultants. Discussion addressed approaches on hygiene education and integration of the hygiene resources developed by Live & Learn into the exisiting primary school curriculum. Live & Learn … Continue reading Hygiene is as important as ABC

Menstruation hygiene kits provided to Vanuatu schools

School management and teachers from six schools in Port Vila, Vanuatu, came together for a two day induction workshop to establish their Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) in Schools programs. They also participated in a special focus program on Menstrual Hygiene Management, which included the Acting Director of Education in Vanuatu, the National Director of the Primary School Program, the Deputy Principal Education Officer for Shefa Province and the Natinoal Early Childhood Education Coordinator (pictured above).

Portable toilet used in cyclone response

TopWan community based saniation enterprise have supported families in Teouma Valley, Vanuatu, with an improved toilet and hand-washing facility after they were displaced when Tropical Cyclone Donna damaged their homes. The families are currently sleeping in the community kindergarten building while they rebuild their homes. They were forced to use the bush as a temporary place … Continue reading Portable toilet used in cyclone response

Constructing Portable Toilets in Vanuatu

  Six staff from the two Sanitation Enterprises in Port Vila, Vanuatu, recently improved their construction knowledge by participating in training to build their own tool boxes and portable toilet’s for people living with disabilities and children. The training was facilitated by Matt King, a volunteer through Engineers Without Borders who is providing technical mentoring … Continue reading Constructing Portable Toilets in Vanuatu